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Many people don't realize just how much they rely on their sewer and drain system until they experience the inconvenience of a smelly, blocked drain. When it gets to that point, it's important to get a reliable plumber on the job fast. At Einstein's Plumbing & Heating, Inc., you can rely on us for quality drain cleaning services in Brooklyn.

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The Risks of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Clean sink drainIf you notice that your tub or sink is slow to empty or the water is not going down at all, this means that you have a clog or blockage in the drains. No matter how tempting it is to just get a store-bought chemical cleaner, we strongly advise you against this. Commercial drain cleaners, while effective for short-term results, are highly corrosive and can cause more damage to your pipeline. You can also expect the clogs to come back in just a few days or weeks.

For a long-term, eco-friendly drain clearing solution, turn to Einstein's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for expert drain cleaning in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. We can get rid of even the most stubborn clogs without causing any damage to your pipes. Using only the safest and most advanced methods in drain cleaning, our expert plumbers ensure free-flowing drains that last.

Top 3 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Given enough time, all kinds of debris will gather in your drains. Hair, dirt, grime, and various other debris. Sometimes a commercial drain cleaner will fix the problem with little hassle. But over time, chemical drain cleaners harm your home’s piping. And sometimes the clog is so bad that drain cleaner only adds to the problem. A badly clogged drain is not something that can be left unattended as it can lead to more serious problems than your water not draining fast enough.

3 Key Reasons to Opt for Professional Drain Maintenance:

  • Prevent Blockages & Overflows: Over time, debris can accumulate and result in a massive blockage to your drain. This can lead to serious problems, such as an overflowing toilet or sewer lines bursting and flooding your property. Avoid costly repairs and cleanup by contacting one of our skilled technicians to thoroughly clean your drain.
  • Ensure Cleaner Water & a Healthier Home: Clogged drains mean more bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants will build up and make it into your home. This poses a potential health risk to you and your family. Getting your drains professionally serviced cleans up the issue before it even becomes a problem and will keep your home and family healthy.
  • Reduce Repair Costs with Regular Maintenance: Getting drains cleaned by professional plumbing technicians will help reduce wear and tear on your pipes. When your drains are cleaned and inspected, a professional will be able to bring attention to any possible future repairs. Finding potential problems sooner rather than later means you can get pipes replaced or repaired before they burst, which would result in an expensive repair job.

Is Professional Drain Cleaning Worth it?

Having professional drain cleaning services is well worth it. Licensed plumbers have quality equipment and use materials that are safe for your entire family. Having professional services done can also help prevent a serious problem from arising with your drains.

How Often Should Drains Be Professionally Cleaned?

It's recommended that Homeowners should have drains cleaned at least once a year. In addition, commercial buildings or offices should have monthly drain cleaning services to compensate for the higher foot traffic. Regular maintenance will help avoid costly repairs and keep the drains in optimal working order for years to come.

Expert Sewer Line Cleaning Services in Brooklyn

The drains that convey used water from your sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets all converge at your sewer line, so any debris and gunk that go down your drains can end up causing problems with your sewer too. The most common culprits behind clogged sewer lines are food particles, cooking grease, and especially those so-called "flushable" wipes.

Sewer backups are also commonly caused by tree roots, which intrude into the line in search of water and damage the pipes. Our Brooklyn sewer cleaning team is here to help you mitigate all of these problems—call us now to request an on-site consultation.

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