Shower Habits That Can Ruin Your Plumbing

Shower Habits That Can Ruin Your Plumbing

Showers are part of our daily routine, so we might not realize that we could be building habits that aren’t so great for our home’s plumbing system. Now, we’re not telling you to cut down on the amount of showers you take each week, but we want to share a few habits people tend to build that might be causing some unwanted trouble for your plumbing system.

Hair in the Drain

After each shower, you should always remove any hair that has accumulated on your drain cover. And if you don’t have a drain cover, get one! This will stop the hair from going down your drain and clogging your pipes. Over time, hair will build up in your drain and cause a full blockage. Drain covers will prevent this hairy situation from happening.

Excessively Long and Hot Showers

A long, hot shower after a rough day can sometimes be exactly what we need to put us in a better mood. But every single day? That can take a toll on your hair, skin, water bill, and your bathroom. Extremely hot showers result in the growth of mold in your bathroom and shower, due to the humidity produced from the hot water. Keep a window open while you shower or run the bathroom fan to help combat the humidity.

Ignoring Water on the Floor

This is pretty obvious, but don’t leave water on your bathroom floor. Not only can you slip and fall, but leaving water on the floor can cause mold to grow and ruin your flooring. Always step onto a water-absorbing bath mat or towel when you get out of the shower.

Ignoring Calcium Deposits on Your Showerhead

If your home has hard water, it leaves behind deposits on your showerhead due to the minerals found in hard water. This can clog your showerhead if it remains unaddressed. All you need is some white vinegar to clean your showerhead and it should be as good as new!

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