What are My Toilet Buying Options?

What are My Toilet Buying Options?

A toilet may seem like a no-brainer purchase. It’s white and has a seat — done, right? Wrong! Many components go into a toilet purchase that you should be aware of. Here are some common options to consider for your next toilet installation:

Types of Toilets

Yes, there are different types of toilets. The most common style is typically a gravity-based toilet, which uses gravity to flush away waste as its name suggests. Similar to this is a pressure-assisted toilet, which instead uses pressurized air to give a more powerful flush.

Newer models that take water conservation into account are the dual-flush toilet and double-cyclone toilet. Dual-flush models let you choose between a full and half flush, depending on what is necessary. Double-cyclone toilets have air ducts toward the top of the bowl that aid in flushing.

Lastly, waterless toilets are not typically found in homes but are available when water is not accessible.

Flush Types

In addition to the different models of toilets, there are various ways the unit will flush. A single flush toilet is the most common, which uses one push of a lever or button to initiate waste removal. A double-flush toilet allows for two strength settings for removing liquid or solid waste. In contrast, a touchless flush toilet allows just the wave of a hand or a body movement to initiate the flush.


There are many ways you can style a toilet to meet your needs. Not all toilets are white, so you can look around for something that fits the style and color scheme of your bathroom. You can also consider the toilet dimensions, making sure the size is right for your space, and the style is comfortable.

There are also different styles of toilets to consider. A two-piece is the most common, where the water basin and bowl are attached but can be separated. A one-piece toilet molds together these two pieces. Additionally, a wall-mounted toilet is connected to the bathroom wall and has a different drain configuration.

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