Spring Cleaning for Your Appliances

Spring Cleaning for Your Appliances

Spring is quickly approaching, and with the warmer weather comes a need for spring cleaning. It’s important that appliances aren’t forgotten during spring cleaning. Proper maintenance of appliances including cleaning is imperative to the longevity of the appliance. Here are some things that you should do with to clean your appliances during spring cleaning:

Flush the Hot Water Heater

Over time, mineral deposits and sediment can build up in the tank of your hot water heater. This can lead to the water heater not working as effectively as it should. To flush your hot water heater, it will need to be completely drained of water. Follow these steps to flush your water heater:

  1. Turn the gas control valve to the pilot setting

  2. Turn off the water supply valve to keep the tank from refilling

  3. Turn the temperature & pressure relief valve up to release the pressure in the tank

  4. Hook up a water hose to the spigot on the water heater

  5. Let the water heater drain out until the sediment is flushed

After about 30 minutes the water will likely stop flowing from your water heater. Once that happens, turn the water supply back on for the water heater. This will power flush any remaining sediment from the bottom of the tank.

Clean the Dryer

It is important that during the springtime, your dryer is cleaned out well. Complete this task by taking a warm, damp cloth and wiping down the inside of the dryer. Next, make sure that the lint trap is completely clean. To most people, removing the lint every time they use the dryer is enough. However, small particles of lint can still build up over time. To thoroughly clean your lint trap, take a wet washcloth with soap and wash and then dry well. It is also a good idea to check the vents on your dryer each spring to ensure that they are not clogged.

Schedule Pre-Season HVAC Maintenance

Far too often, we see homeowners who do not properly maintain their HVAC unit throughout the year. Spring is the perfect time to maintain your HVAC unit to ensure that it will work efficiently and reliably for the upcoming summer season.

Maintenance will help find any issues that may be going on with the furnace and air conditioner. The sooner an issue is caught, the quicker it can be repaired or replaced, which will save you from having to pay for expensive repairs. Regular routine maintenance allows for technicians to find and fix any problems that may already exist in your unit, as well as performing maintenance to prevent potential problems from cropping up. This regular maintenance also allows technicians to ensure HVAC parts are clean and in working order. It is very important to sign a maintenance contract that will help to ensure the longevity and functionality of an HVAC unit.

Clean the Air Ducts

Spring brings warmer weather, but it also brings allergy season. Many people are fighting off symptoms at every open door or window. One of the biggest contributors of allergens in your home is dirty ductwork. When you haven’t changed your air filter every 90 days, it can let allergens such as dust, debris, pet hair and dander, and bacteria into your home. If your ducts haven’t been cleaned in a while, chances are high that you're circulating dirty air through your home.

In addition to allergens and germs, ductwork can sometimes harbor mold. Longterm expose to mold can trigger symptoms of allergies and can even lead to asthma. Fortunately, this problem can be treated easily by duct cleaning. During the cleaning, a technician will come out and thoroughly clean every aspect of the ductwork. You can breathe easy once you know your ductwork has nothing insidious lurking in it.

You should schedule annual spring maintenance for your HVAC soon to ensure your system is ready to handle the heat this summer. Annual pre and post-season maintenance will protect your appliances and home from long-term issues and keep your HVAC running at peak efficiency. Schedule your spring service with our team today!


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