Stay Cool Without Using Your Air Conditioner

Stay Cool Without Using Your Air Conditioner

Whether you want to save money on your summer utility bills, by reducing your air conditioning usage, or whether you are participating in a no air conditioning summer challenge, these summertime living tips will keep you cool without having to turn on your air conditioning unit!

Keep Your Blinds Closed

A good portion of unwanted heat in your home, about 30%, comes from sunlight shining through your windows. Shutting your blinds, or closing your drapes, can drastically lower your indoor temperatures, making your home’s heat more manageable.

Close Doors to Unused Rooms

Closing the doors of unused rooms will direct air to your main living spaces. This increases airflow to the rooms you use most!

Hack a Fan

Did you know you can manufacture a natural breeze while sitting on the couch in your living room? Well, you can with this fan hack. Simply place a mixing bowl, filled with ice, in front of a portable fan. The air generated by the fan will hit the ice, cooling it as it comes towards you. You will also feel a little mist, further cooling you down.

Get 100% Cotton Bed Sheets

Cooling yourself down at night can be as easy and changing your bedsheets. Switching to seasonal bedding will make a huge difference for your comfort. For warm weathered months, use 100% cotton sheets. They have higher breathability and naturally stay cooler.

Now, when it comes to pillows—the cooler the better. We all hate when the cold side of a pillow becomes warm. Eliminate this frustration by purchasing buckwheat pillows. They have air pockets that, even when in a pillowcase, prevent your body heat from warming the pillow.

Keep the Cooking Outside

Summer is a great time to barbeque! Bring your food outside to cook, it will keep your home cooler, as kitchen appliances generate a ton of heat that remains in your home long after you finish cooking.

Keep Your Kitchen and Bathroom Fans On

If you do decide to cook in your kitchen, turn your stove’s hood on. Even if you are not cooking on the stove itself, the fan will suck the moisture created from cooking, combatting rising temperatures.

For the bathroom, after a long, hot shower—turn the bathroom fan on. This will also eliminate the heat from condensation created during your shower or bath.

Now, we know it can get unbearably hot here in Brooklyn, so if you need air conditioning assistance, never hesitate to reach out to the Brooklyn AC installation and repair experts at Einstein’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. The "No Air Conditioning Challenge" isn’t for everyone!

Here at Einstein’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. we are happy to answer all your summer air conditioning questions! Call us at (718) 215-9664 to talk with an HVAC specialist.


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